Sunday, 29 June 2014

Fibbin' Archie 89

It had just been a little lie this time. Well no. The lie was big enough. What he’d said had been totally untrue. If anything, Grandma was the healthiest of the whole family. Never got a cold or a tummy ache. She could still walk into town faster than Archie. He could never keep up with her -that was the trouble.
“It’s all that porter I keep drinking,” she said.
So, the lie was big enough. The reason he’d told it was quite silly. He wasn’t cheating on Amanda.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fibbin' Archie 55

“I like that new girlfriend of yours,” Granma had said after she’d bumped into them both last week at the shopping centre.  “She’s very pretty. And she’s well-mannered.”
So, Amanda would recognise her now. Oh, lord above.
“You lied to me,” she would say. “Your Granma’s fine. I saw her.”
Lordy, he couldn’t bear it.